GLRU & Dlala Nje take hands


Posted on March 14, 2016

The Golden Lions Company is always on the look-out for ways to improve our home and immediate surroundings and we are happy to announce that we found a partner in this venture called Dlala Nje.

Dlala Nje, meaning ‘Just Play’, is a social enterprise based in the once notorious Ponte City.

As everyone knows Hillbrow isn’t really a place where kids can be kids. Dlala Nje offers a safe, diverse and engaging environment where they provide a place where children can experience new things and awaken their passions. A place where talent is nurtured and confidence built. Their current activities include ballet, drums, guitar and yoga.

Education is vital, but it isn’t always easy to come by. Dlala Nje provides free computers and internet access, homework facilitation, art classes and an environment for kids to reach their potential.

They help people help themselves with the help of dynamic partners and amazing volunteers.

The Dlala Nje foundation not only creates opportunities for the youth in their area, but their iconic building also forms the starting point of Dlala Nje’s walking tours.  Dlala Nje’s inner city adventures take groups on walks through Yeoville, Hillbrow and Berea – areas considered unsafe to visit, never mind walk through. Walking through these inner city neighbourhoods, stereotypes are broken, and your mind is opened to the realities of migrant life in the city.

“Our inner city adventures and immersive experiences provide a platform for challenging the preconceived ideas that most people have of the áreas in which we work. The history of Hillbrow is infamous and there are many social issues that have historically plagued this community. However, as one of the first landing spots for foreign Africans who are hoping to better their lives in the City of Gold, it is a melting pot of culture. Dlala Nje aims to show people the truth about these notorious suburbs; through an unforgettable adventure where thinking is challenged and comfort zones are stepped out of,” said Michal Luptak, co-founder and managing director of Dlala Nje.

You’ll meet locals, drink quarts at a local bar and even get to go down to the core of Ponte – quite an experience in itself. This is a city tour with a conscience.

“The Golden Lions Company recognises that it operates in a complex social environment. Working closely with organisations like Dlala Nje, we aim to better understand the communities and the complexities around us,” said CEO of the Golden Lions, Rudolf Straeuli.

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