Golden Lions referee collapse after match, dies


Posted on March 13, 2017

A referee of the Golden Lions Rugby Referees Society, Francois Smit (56) passed away in Carletonville on Saturday afternoon after having refereed a game at Carletonville High School.


It is believed he passed away from a heart attack.


According to Theuns Naude, Manager: Referees at the Golden Lions Rugby Union, Smit handled a match at Allen Glen High School on Saturday morning and then drove through to Carletonville to referee a match there in the afternoon.


“He was a very committed referee who was always available, no matter what the game was, be it under 14’s or any other club or schools game. He was always eager to go on the field and was an extremely trustworthy referee who never missed an appointment.


“It is a great loss for the union and a truly sad day for refereeing. He will be sorely missed,” Naude said.


Smit lived on the West Rand in Johannesburg and leaves his wife Lynn.

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