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By GreenSmile

Posted on August 12, 2015

Kevin de Klerk State of the Union

As we begin another Currie Cup campaign, I always feel extremely positive about my Lions side and their capabilities going into the upcoming tournament.

The Currie Cup is a highly prized competition that I had the wonderful privilege of participating in as a young man at 21 years of age. I feel that the Currie Cup is probably one of the best competitions in world rugby and it’s a lovely platform for our young players to express their skills and abilities and a stepping stone to come up into SuperRugby and on to Springbok level.

The Lions Den is in high spirits. I’m feeling very, very optimistic about our season ahead. I think we’ve got some fantastic young players coming through with a sprinkling of some of the older men. We’ve matured quite substantially and, this season, we’ll score the points, we’ll score the tries, and we’ll make the fans as happy as they were with the Super 15.

I expect the local derbies to be popular and that the Lions will continue to play an open, running type of game with a combination of the basics – good scrum work, strong lineouts and solid forward play to create the space for our loose forwards and back line to run. Our strength is in our great coaching and medical staff. We are well structured to perform very well this season. I’d like to predict that we’ll take the Currie Cup this season and to secure the trophy, the team should keep playing the game that they’ve been playing – We produce such a wonderful brand of rugby – such an exciting brand. We’ve always had a fighting spirit having been left out of the 2013 SuperRugby campaign.

It’s clear that the Lions are a bunch of fighters. Our guys haven’t gone and laid down, and you can see that very evidently in our side. We fight for 80 minutes and will continue during this Currie Cup campaign. I’d like to thank our sponsors are preserving this competition for the legacy of our younger players.

I trust our players to stick to their guns and to continue playing their strong game. Boys, keep up great work – we’re proud of you and look forward to an exciting Currie Cup season.

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