Ollie Terblanchea

The Lions visit Ollie Terblanche

By GreenSmile

Posted on August 12, 2015

Earlier this year, rugby player Ollie Terblanche suffered a tragic accident that has forever altered his life. After breaking his neck during a rugby match, the young player was told that he would never walk again. The Lions rugby players paid Terblanche a visit to show the team’s complete support of him throughout his recovery.

Ollie Terblanche became injured during a scrum, which left his neck cracked. Immediately, Ollie knew something was wrong. Equipped with a remarkably positive attitude, he has been working extremely hard to regain movement and to walk again.

The visit struck a chord with Lion’s hooker, Robbie Coetzee, who played rugby with Ollie during their school days. Coetzee acknowledged how accidents can happen on any level and the fragility of one’s body, and life.

The Golden Lions Rugby Union wishes Ollie all the best during his recovery.

The Lions Visit Ollie Terblanche

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