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In a contact sport such as rugby, injuries are unavoidable. Limiting the severity of these injuries is not. This is the purpose of BokSmart. It aims to equip coaches, support staff and referees with the necessary skills and knowledge to prevent serious head, neck and spinal injuries from occurring during the game.


The programme was developed using evidence-based research and internationally accepted best practice standards, and was officially launched on 9 July 2009.


Coaches and referees at all levels of the game (school, club, national, provincial and international) must be BokSmart licensed – largely, because you control the players’ actions on the field! Through your instruction, core rugby values and correct techniques are instilled which can and does prevent dangerous play.


You will also learn medical protocols and guidelines and injury management to help you make the correct decisions should a player be injured.


The full BokSmart National Rugby Safety Programme comprises of three elements.


  1. BokSmart Rugby Safety Workshops: compulsory and free for all rugby coaches and referees countrywide across the board, whether qualified or not. Applicants must attend every session in order to be licensed.
  2. The BokSmart Rugby Medic Programme: a free, condensed 6-8 hour short course in injury management (not first aid), provided on behalf of SARU by Emergency Medical Training (EMT). Aimed primarily at under-privileged/disadvantaged clubs and schools with no medical support staff, knowledge or infrastructure, the programme includes the provision of emergency spinal immobilisation equipment to qualifying clubs/schools.
  3. The BokSmart Spineline: operated by ER24, this 24/7 emergency medical helpline (0800 678 678) fast tracks the treatment, medical management and transportation of a player with potential serious concussion, head, neck and spine injuries sustained during a rugby match or practice anywhere in South Africa.


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Tell me more about the BokSmart Rugby Safety Workshops …

In addition to the free workshop tuition, course attendees also receive

• a double-DVD instructional set

• a hard copy toolkit manual covering all the essential points on paper, and

• a concussion guide to help coaches and referees on-field make appropriate decisions.


Can I fail the course?

No. The only criteria for certification is attendance at all BokSmart workshops and to sign and commit to upholding the BokSmart Code of Conduct.


For how long am I BokSmart licensed?

Upon completing the BokSmart course, coaches and referees are licensed for a two-year period. At the end of this period – and every two years thereafter – they would have to complete another BokSmart workshop to receive the most recent evidence-based rugby safety information at the time and have their license renewed.


How can I become BokSmart?

Download the COURSE INFO for a list of course dates and contacts within the Gauteng region.


In the meantime, visit for a wealth of freely available educational content, charts, videos and advice to help you help your team.


Registration can only take place via completion of the link below or via the QR-code. Payment for the event: strictly cash on arrival on Friday 24 May 2019.

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Attendance compulsory.


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Attendance compulsory.