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2022 Lions Membership FAQ’s

What discounts do Members receive who bought Memberships in 2020?
If you purchased a Membership in 2020, and purchase a new 2022 Membership, you will receive an additional membership for free.

Does a discount also apply to a parking ticket if purchased in 2020?
No, parking tickets cannot be renewed for 2022.

Parking prices: 

  • College B, C and Parkade Parking @ R1 900
  • Johannesburg Stadium Parking @ R1 300

Until when can 2020 Memberships be renewed?
Members who renew will have until the 25th of March 2022 to do so before seats are released back into the system.

Where can I buy my 2022 Lions Membership?
You can buy your Lions Membership online at www.ticketpros.co.za or at the Stadium Ticket Office at Emirates Airline Park.

Ticket office operating times: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 16:00 & game days

What is the difference between the RED, GOLD and the BUDGET SAVER package?

  • The Red Package is situated on the East Pavilion, includes your Test Ticket but does not include your Emirates Lions replica jersey for 2022 (Block: 24, 25, 26)
  • The Gold package is on the West Pavilion, incudes your Test Ticket and your 2022 Emirates Lions replica jersey (Block: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 on West Lower. Block: 43, 44, 45, 46 on West Upper)
  • The Budget Saver package is behind the poles on the North and South Pavilion, includes your Test Ticket but does not include your 2022 Emirates Lions replica jersey (North Blocks: 12, 13, 18. South Blocks: 37, 38)

All other benefits are the same for all three packages.

Can I buy a 2022 Lions Membership family package?
Unfortunately not, there is no family package available. However, take a look at the available RED, GOLD or BUDGET SAVER packages available on the memberships page.

Is this a lifelong membership ticket?
No, any lifelong season tickets are not valid anymore. These were sold in the 1980’s under Transvaalse Rugby Voetbal Unie which has subsequently been liquidated and therefor, all contracts are invalid.

Why is the 2022 Lions Membership exclusive?
Being part of the Lions Membership gives you the best seats in the stadium, and includes all of the matches throughout the rugby season. Members will also receive a membership card with a benefits passport that will give you exclusive benefits throughout the year.

Visit the memberships page for full details on all benefits.

Must each one of my family members have their own 2022 Lions Membership to attend the Lions Members Appreciation Day?

For what period will this membership be valid?
The 2022 Lions Membership will be valid for all rugby until end of December 2022.

What are the 2022 Lions Membership benefits?
View the benefits on the membership page.

What is a Lions Benefits Passport?
A Lions Benefits Passport is an exclusive booklet that all 2022 Members will receive. The booklet contains all your membership benefits with perforated pages to redeem the benefits.

Can my kids be part of the 2022 Lions Membership?
We adore our little Lions fans so they can definitely be part of the Lions Memberships. There are no special packages for kids and a RED, GOLD or BUDGET SAVER package will have to be purchased.

How many 2022 Lions Memberships can I purchase at once?
As many Lions Memberships as you please.

How do I get my Emirates Lions Vodacom United Rugby Championship Replica Jersey?
If you have a Gold Membership, you will receive your jersey voucher with your membership passport. You simply visit the Macron Concept shop at Emirates Airline Park, and hand in your voucher at the counter.

Do I also get a Sigma Lions Jersey for Currie Cup?
The 2022 Lions Membership package only includes an Emirates Lions Vodacom United Rugby Championship Replica Jersey.

Are the play-offs for the Vodacom United Rugby Championship and Carling Currie Cup included in the three packages?
All Carling Currie Cup play-off matches at Emirates Airline Park are included in both RED, GOLD & BUDGET SAVER packages. Vodacom United Rugby Championships play-offs are not included.

Will I be able to watch the Test Match when I purchase a 2022 Lions Membership?
Your membership automatically reserves your seat for the test match. Members will be able to collect their membership cards and passports from the ticket office at Emirates Airline Park from mid-March during office hours (08:00 – 16:00)

Where do I get my 2022 Lions Benefit Passport?
Once you have purchased your 2022 Lions Membership, you will receive a confirmation email from TicketPro. Members will be able to collect their membership cards and passports from the ticket office at Emirates Airline Park from the 10th of March during office hours (08:00 – 16:00).

What is the Exclusive Lions Members Appreciation (Family) Day?
We host a day for our valued members to say thank you for their continued support. This is a day filled with fun for the whole family: Meeting Players, Mufasa, Live Entertainment, Kids entertainment.

This event will happen more towards the end of the year, as we are expecting ease of regulations and a subsequent increase if capacity. Communication regarding this day will be shared on our social media platforms.

How do I redeem my Sun International benefits?
A Sun International booking agent will contact you to create a profile on the Sun system. Thereafter you can redeem your benefits and book your holiday. Contact the Sun team at Sun International Central Reservations on 011 780 7800 or crobook@suninternational.com

All terms and conditions will be stipulated per benefit in your 2022 Membership Passport.




Is a parking ticket included in my RED, GOLD and BUDGET SAVER 2022 Lions Membership package?
Unfortunately, no parking tickets are included in the RED, GOLD or BUDGET SAVER 2022 Lions Membership packages. You are more than welcome to purchase a parking ticket at the ticket office at Emirates Airline Park.

What are the prices for the parking tickets?
Parking per match @ R180. These tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Office at the Stadium, and they are allocated in the Parkade.

Can I buy a Season Parking Ticket for 2022?
Yes, you can.

  • Parking in College B, C and Parkade @ R1 900
  • Parking at Johannesburg Stadium @ R1 300

When will Season Parking Tickets be available?
Purchasing of Season Parking Tickets will be available from 10 March 2022.

Where can I purchase my 2022 Season Parking Tickets?
At the Stadium Ticket Office.

How many 2022 Season Parking Tickets may I purchase?
Maximum of 10 Season Parking Tickets may be purchased per person/company/entity.

Can I purchase a 2022 Season Parking Ticket if I am not a Lions Member?
These tickets are unfortunately reserved for 2022 Lions Members only.